Enameling is one of the oldest art forms in existence

          Enameling is the art of fusing vitreous glass to a metal base in a kiln at 1450 – l500 degrees F. Most commonly used metals are copper, silver (usually fine silver) and gold. Brass, bronze, iron, steel and aluminum are used less frequently. The categories of enamel colors are opaque, transparent and opalescent (translucent). Each layer of enamel is fired separately where the previous layer fuses to the layer before it.
          Limoges technique is named after the city of Limoges, France where China painting is part of history. In enamel it is the painting technique often applied wet with a sable brush. Color can be laid side by side or can be blended together. Both dry and wet enamel and opaques and transparents may be combined for variation. In today’s enamels, underglazes, oxides and overglazes are incorporated. One of the most common overglazes is “liquid gold” which is 24k gold fired on the last one or two layers of a piece.
          Inspired by the world around her, Anita Silverstein captures glimpses of nature in enamels. Using a broad palette of materials, she explores most of the techniques used in enameling to produce intriguing artwork. Because each piece is unique, and could never be duplicated, the piece you see is the one you will receive, and comes mounted and framed, ready for hanging. ANITA - ENAMELING

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A Memorial

      Sadly ANITA is no longer with us, she passed away earlier this year. (2004) Her passing is a loss to her many friends, and she will be missed. Though her art work is no longer available, to let it stand as a small memorial to her, this page will remain here.

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