Terariums by Ron Gladkowski
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          I make terrariums, plant holders, and flower vases.
          I am an artist, who works with stained, and leaded glass in the Tiffany tradition. All my work is original in design, and combines glass with nature. I make both aquatic and terrestrial environments, terrariums, stained glass window planters, and flower vases exclusively.
          I started doing traditional stained glass almost thirty years ago, and over time my interest focused on creating uniquely designed terrariums.
          My approach to creativity is to let my imagination run free, and follow it. I see shapes in my head, and I make them in glass. The softness of the plants and flowers contrast with the angles and lines in the design, and bring balance and harmony between man's and nature's creations. Terrariums give shelter to the plants, and the plants give life to the terrariums.
New Look!  & New Terrariums!
Terrariums by Ron
The Terrarium Museum

Built for the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association lobby.
Littleton, Colorado